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Bespoke debt advice by professionals in London

Has the bailiff visited you regarding unpaid parking tickets? Contact Fast Bailiff Help for advice.
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Do you need help dealing with high court enforcement?

At Fast Bailiff Help, we can help you with debt-related problems. If you have been handed a hefty congestion charge or penalty charge notice by a bailiff, there is a high likelihood that a bailiff might clamp or tow away your vehicle. WITH our help, you can ensure that you are not left with excessive bailiff fees. WITHOUT our help, you end up paying the bailiff a minimum of £513.

Many of our clients are often unaware about the fraudulent activities that some bailiffs may indulge in. We can offer you helpful advice that may prevent you from facing problems. We are based in London, but you can benefit from our services across the whole of England and Wales.
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Experts you can rely on

Our team of professionals have extensive experience in the field and we will be able to guide you through problems with debt. We specialise in handling debts that occur due to accumulated parking tickets and congestion charges. Talk to us if you need our help.
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Helping you with your debt

We work on a variety of debt-related problems. From bankruptcy to debt management, we can help you with anything you need. We can also help you find out the validity of a County Court Judgement (CCJ). Contact us to schedule an appointment.
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Same-day service

We pride ourselves on providing prompt services to our clients.  We understand that time is of the essence when dealing with problems associated with debts. Let us know what you are looking for. Our staff will help you with any requirement that you might have. 
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Questions you may have:

Who is a bailiff?

A bailiff is authorised by a County Court judge to seize your property or possession to pay-off any debts that you may have.

What shall I do when a bailiff comes to my house?

Bailiffs aren’t allowed to enter your home by force during the first visit. Withholding your permission can help you get valuable time needed. Once the bailiff leaves, you can contact our staff for help. We will provide you the assistance you need.

Can a bailiff take third party property?

A bailiff will only take possessions that he finds in your house. If these belong to a third party, the said person must legally prove that the goods belong to them. Additionally, the bailiff is not allowed to take any property that you use for work. Also, they are not allowed to seize items that you use for daily living.

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